Les Jeannots

Swing Musette

Les Jeannots

light and sound

Parade show, light and sound

3 giant illuminated puppets and an orchestra-man
Show for all audiences
Outdoor presentation, day or night
Lenght : 90 minutes
5 people on tour

Limping on, attention, here they come !

Old cap screwed on the head,
Some java dances in their music balls

They won’t stand you up,
They’re always there when there’s hay.

Limping on the tarmac,
With them, no melodrama.

No nonsense, no trifles,
Hang on to your straps.

When these pranksters wiggle,
We’ve got a crush on the Biguine

You’d better hide your carrots
Here come the Jeannots, they have the fidgets!

The ambulation of these 3 giant puppets can also lead to an illuminated aerial closing scene with an
aerial dancer and a sound system.

Plan to install a free standing frame.
Static closing scene : around 15 minutes.