light and sound


light and sound          

Parade show, light and sound

3 giant illuminated puppets and an orchestra-man
Show for all audiences
Outdoor presentation, day or night
Lenght : 75 minutes
5 people on tour

A white rabbit, a Mad Hatter, a red angry queen…
Does this remind you of anything?

But where is Alice?
Is she still defying gravity?
Yet, it’s already tea time!

Join these 3 giants and prepare yourself for amazing fascinations. Here comes the time of prestige, the time of enchantment.



In this small illuminated and sonorized fresco, the Archibald Caramantran company revisits this
great classic of the child’s imagination and transposes it into its dreamlike and popular universe,
into its theater of delicate and absurd images, marvels and excessiveness.



The ambulation of these 3 giant puppets can also lead to an illuminated and sonorized aerial closing
scene with a Chinese dragon, an aerial dancer and a sound system.
Plan to install a free standing frame.
Static closing scene : around 15 minutes.

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