ElectRo FrOgs

Insane Amphibians

ElectRo FrOgs

Insane Amphibians           

Parade show, Lighting and Sound

3 Giant Illuminated Puppets, 1 actor, 3 saxophone players,
Outdoor show, day or night / Lenght : 75 minutes
8 people touring

The ElecRo’ FrOgs are irrupting in town and lighting it up with a thousand electric colours.
Remarkable magical epileptic lanterns, those jaunty amphibians are accompanied by a friendly trio of glowing saxophone players.
Don’t panic, no nightmares, just having a laugh in the pond, it’s during the night that the ElectRo’ FrOgs are dating with us.

This show was born from the singular post-traumatic neurosis provoked by amazing experiences made in Biology classes during Secondary School.
Here we will experience together the striking encounter between Doctor Frankenstein, Gargantua and Kermit the Frog.


Diver : Olivier Hagenloch
FrOgs : Marion Guenal,Marie Martine Robles, Yacouba Sawadogo, Antonin Chomel
Saxophones :Johannes Hagenloch, Jerome Amevet, Damien Gaume


Artistic direction : Olivier Hagenloch
Music : Johannes Hagenloch & Florent Mannant

Creation December 2018 for the Christmas Insolites